A few hours of waiting in a lonely hospital, Karkat was still in his room, snoring away, sleeping away sickness. Outside in the waiting area, Gamzee was sleeping gently. Eridan however, was sprawled across two chairs, limbs everywhere, snoring horrifically.

Gamzee woke up slowly, glancing at the loud snoring coming from across the waiting room. Wow, alcohol didn’t make him an attractive sleeper. He looked over at Karkat’s room and them back to Eridan and sighed.

Eridan flinched heavily, and smacked his lips, and fell off the two chairs, landing on the floor with his but in the air. He stayed asleep somehow.

Gamzee face-palmed, shaking his head. He glanced up when Kanaya walked in. She had s disgusted look on her face as she saw Eridan from the hospital entrance. She was there because she heard tell from Feferi that things were going down at Gamzee’s house, and that there was a note at said house that they went to the hospital. The note was written with double v’s and w’s, and when Kanaya expected to see the owner of the note, she wasn’t expected to see him in such a strange feeble position. “What happened?” She asked cooly, glancing at a freshly awoken juggalo.

Gamzee looked up at the female. “Karbro is sick…”

“Karkat?” She was replied with a nod. “How could that have happened?”

Gamzee shrugged, and glanced over when Eridan ‘NYUH’ed suddenly, only to go back to snoring horribly.

“Um… How about Eridan over there? What would be his condition?” Kanaya continued.

Gamzee picked up a magazine and gently tossed it at the snoring sea dweller, hitting him perfectly on the top of the head. “Well, he was motherfucking drunk…” He smirked when the sea dweller let out a ‘GLUB!’ of shock and sat up suddenly.

“I see… That must have been a sight to encounter.”

Gamzee nodded at Kanaya and glanced at Eridan.

“GLUB!” He yelled again as he looked up. The lights burned his eyes and he hid under his cape. “WHERE THE GLUB AM I?!”

“Oh look he’s away now.” Kanaya said cooly.

“Hospital bro. Remember?”

“Guhh…” Eridan grumbled from under his cape. Goggily, he uncovered himself and reclined against the chairs he was previously in, holding his glasses in one hand, and massaging his temples in the other. “Hospital…”

Gamzee nodded, not really caring if Eridan saw him or not.

“I can’t… seem to recall…” Eridan grumbled.

“Couldn’t you be responsible for once to where you were in the least while you were brunk?” Kanaya stated coming closer between the two.

Eridan screwed his eyes shut trying to remember.

“Karbro is sick.” Gamzee muttered.

“Oh… Wow, is he okay?” Eridan put his glasses back on.

Gamzee sighed. “Probobally. I hope so bro.”

Kanaya stared at the ground, and then looked up to Eridan suddenly remembering something. “Oh yes, and Feferi has been devastated since your absence from the last rendezvous I had recalled with her. It had saddened me to see her in such a state.”

Eridan scratched his yead. “Uhh… yeah… she seemed fine yesterday…” He glanced at a standing and stretching Gamzee. “Was it yesterday?” Gamzee nodded at him. “I remember…” He blushed heavily. “Shit… I really got drunk didn’t I…?”

Gamzee sighed happily from a really good stretch. “She was not fine yesterday, Eribro.”

Kanaya sat in a chair close to Eridan, quaintly shruggin to Eridans inquiry.

“Yeah… I remember… She was such a mess… “

“It would only be normal for me to ask you kindly to accommodate her when she is present perhaps. She had something to tell you. Something about the worst possible time to fall.” Kanaya’s eyes turned to Gamzee. “But you did not get this information from me. Just so we get this clear.”

“Uh… Sure Kan…” Eridan grumbled. “Though I’m not sure if she’d ever talk to me again…”

“Address her formally rather than in a reckless manner.” Kanaya prompted.

Eridan stared up at her with wide sad eyes. “Kan… You have no idea what I did…”

“It’s only heinous to woman to- what did you do?”Kanaya tilted her head a little.

Eridan sat back in his chair, and ran his hands though his hair. He stared at the floor, recalling what he did. He rested his head in his hands, and his arms on his knees. He let out a heavy sigh.

Gamzee, who was in his chair after sitting down from the good stretch, frowned.

“Shit.” Kanaya mumbled. “Explain to me what you have don’t to upset her so.”

Eridan stared at the wall, his eyes wide, his voice shaky, “I… I got drunk… and she tried to sober me up… and it made me extremely irritable… to the point where I held a knife up to her… Or something… It’s all so fuzzy…”

Gamzee nodded. “I think you got it right…”

Kanaya stared heavily at Eridan. “That was highly unexpected even coming from you Eridan.”

Eridan stared at the girl, eyes furrowed. “I was really drunk! And then she shoved this liquid stuff down my throat… That’s when I became irritable…”

“Though it was irrational I guess gestures of the past cannot be easily swept by. But really, at least try to commune with her. Nothing cannot be resolved if it isn’t confronted in the first place.”

“I just think she’s terrified of me now…” He sighed heavily again. He curled up on his chair by tucking his feet close to himself and wrapping his arms around his legs. He rested his head on his crossed arms.

Gamzee frowned and watched the boy curl up pathetically and groaned inwardly. He stood up and walked over to sit in the chair next to Eridan. He reluctantly gave him an awkward hug.

“Go forth and proceed to talk to Feferi. The slighted initiatives might make her happy.” Kanaya said getting up. “Give it a try.”

“I’ll do my best Kan…” Eridan mumbled.

 She smiled down at the two, waved goodbye, and left the hospital.

Eridan leaned back in the chair, letting his head droop on the back. “Oh man… Fef… Wwhat did I do… I don’t remember anyfin after I held up the knife to her…”

Gamzee blinked and turned his head to look at him. “You don’t?”

Eridan glared at the opposite wall. “Yes. I totally do. WWhich is wwhy I wwould bother mentioning that I don’t.” He sighed heavily again, not caring how horrible his sarcasm was.

“Well, you didn’t hurt her, mother fucking physically…”

Eridan hurked a small sob, fingers clenching the arm rests of the chair. Gamzee frowned and put his hand on the caped shoulder, shosh papping him lightly.

“I’m glad I was able to come here though… I’m sorry Kar’s sick… must havve been hell dealing wwith both of us…” Eridan stared at focus on the altered subject and the wall trying to not shed any tears.

Gamzee nodded. “Wasn’t very fun…”

“Heh…” Eridan chuckled. “My drunk ass and a sick Kar… I can’t even imagine!””

Gamzee chuckled as well. “Well you didn’t wreck the car…”

Eridan flinched from his drooped position and stared at Gamzee with wide eyes. “I DROVVE?!?!?!”

Gamzee smiled slightly at the outburst. “Yeah bro.”


“You did a shit of things last night Eribro…” Gamzee shrugged. “I didn’t crash.”

“Alright…” Eridan curled up in his sitting ball again.

“You alright?”

“I’m just wworried about Fef… I feel really alone now… KNowwin wwhat I did…”

Gamzee shrugged, “She’s strong Bro, she’ll be just fine.”

“I hope so…” He lifted his head, rubbing his eyes. “It’s so hard to find someone to care about… Coarse you got Kar…”

“Yeah…” Gamzee smiled inwardly. “I do… You just gotta keep on mother fucking trying.”

“She’s so… glub, I don’t know anymore… Wwhen I wwas drunk all of this logic of that I don’t need her kept flying into my head…” He placed his forehead on his arms. “I don’t know wwhat to think…”

Gamzee stared at the sea-dwellers head, unsure of what to really say. “Well, you like her right?”

“Yeah… She’s so simple… Wwhich is also her downfall…” He lifted his head to be faced with a confused look. “Oh I don’t knoww… Forget it…”


They stayed silent for a moment, lost in their minds. Eridan blinked heavily. “I remember music…”

Gamzee stared down at Eridan, remembering. He nodded slowly, looking at the floor. “Yeah, you had it up pretty loud bro…”

Eridan smiled. “Heh… Yeah, I like to dance wwhen I’m drunk… Or all the time really.  But mostly wwhen I’m drunk. I get so relaxed~.” His eyes shut, tilting his head to the side, remembering wonderful dances. He opened his eyes and glanced at Gamzee.

The juggalo smiled back with an uneasy smile. Eridan’s smile melted and he cocked an eyebrow. Gamzee’s ‘smile’ faded. “Wwhat’s wwrong?” he leaned toward Gam.

Gamzee backed up slightly. “…Nothing…”

Eridans eyes narrowed. “… That’s bs, but wwhat evvah.” He leaned back. Gamzee nodded and looked down. Eridan stood up, stretching, “I’m thirsty. You wwant a faygo?”

Gamzee stood up as well. “Yeah.”

“Glub.” Eridan turned and started to head toward a coridoor. He looked back to see Gamzee slumped in a chair, but the juggalo was behind him, following silently. Eridan flinched in surprise. “Hey, you can wwait wwith Kar if you wwant! You don’t have to come wwith.”

Gamzee pouted. “But he’s sleeping…”

“You’re upset a-boat something… So I thought I’d give you some time alone to think…”

Gamzee hesitated, and then nodded. He returned to his warm seat, letting out a sigh. Eridan watched him sit, and then left to go find the wicked elixir.

Gamzee stared at the ceiling. In fact, he did have a lot going through his mind… It went something like this- ‘Oh man… I hope karbro’s okay. I mean, he should be fine and all… But…’ He sighed  ‘I’m just worryin too much. He’ll be fine… He’s safe now… I feel really bad and all for making him feel like shit. I didn’t expect him to walk in… But I also didn’t mother fucking expect Eribro to… Kiss me. I know he was drunk and all, but damn… I was pissed off at him too. He shouldn’t have doen that and karbro shouldn’t have had to see it. I just… I don’t know. How would it work to have a matesprit and a kismesis. Would it even work? Wait, what the fuck am I saying. I don’t like Eribro in the black way… Do I?’ he shook his head and stared at the hallways Eridan went down. ‘Nah… I don’t think so.’

Eridan walked in and plunked in a chair across from Gamzee. “Here’s your faygo.” He said tossing it. Gamzee caught it easily and audibly mumbles, “Thanks”. He opened and sipped it.

Eridan stared at Gamzee, his eye twitching. “You’re so quiet!” He whined while twisting his faygos lid.

Gamzee simply shrugged. “Got nothing to say bro.” He sipped more.

Eridan curled his lip and gulped his drink heavily, the black spade flashing in his mind again.  Gamzee looked down at his faygo, thinking of his weird thoughts as he watched the bubbles from the tasty fizzy drink. He leaned back after a few minutes of this, and shut his eyes.

“Gam, you CAN’T be tired.” Eridan glared at him though half shut eyes, sipping more of his soda.

Gamzee opened his eyes, “I’m not tired.” He lifted his soda to his lips. “Just thinking is all.”

“Glub.” He finished his faygo and tapped it in a rhythm on the side of the chair, bored as hell.

Gamzee also finished his and gently tossed it on the ground.

“Gam. This is a glubbin. Hospital. Pit it up.”

Gamzee looked down at the bottle and groaned. He slunked down out of his chair and picked it up, standing again and walking over to the trash can. He tossed it. “That’s better,” he heard the sea dweller growl. Walking back, he flicked Eridan on the head as he passed in front of him to get to his chair, finishing the trip by sitting down heavily.

“HEY!” Eridan snarled. “That hurt!” Gamzee chuckled at him. Enraged, Eridan chucked his empty faygo bottle at Gamzee’s head. It fell to the floor as he sat in his chair.

“Hey Eribro. Pick it up, this is a mother fucking hospital,” Gamzee said with a smirk.

Eridan’s lip curled in anger, blushing angrily. He stormed over and picked it up, whacking it across the back of the fellow trolls head before throwing it away. “Smart ass.”

Gamzee put his hand on the back of his head, petting his bruise, laughing. “No problem!”

Eridan glared at Gamzee, still blushing furiously. “At least you aren’t glubbin sulkin anymore…” He growled angrily.

Gamzee shrugged. “Karbro should be all good now…” He looked up and chuckled. “Why’s your face all motherfuckin purple bro?”

“BECAUSE YOU’RE AN ASS!!” Eridan yelled flailing his arms and pointing at him accusingly.

Gamzee laughed at the tantrum and put his hands up. “I never did anything bro.” The sea dweller growled and stared at the floor. “Aw common Eribro. Don’t be all mad now.”

“HUMPH!” Eridan turned his head away from Gamzee, looking in the total opposite direction, and sipped his faygo. Gamzee got up and took the faygo, taking a large sip before handing it back, smirking considerably. Taken aback considerably, Eridan held the faygo close to him protectively, flames in him eyes. Curling his lip, he shoved it to Gamzee’s chest. “I don’t wwant this noww!” She snarled.

“Why not bro?” Gamzee chuckled. “If you won’t want it, you can always give it to me.”

Eridan glared at him. “You really ARE addicted to this stuff aren’t you?” He shoved it again into Gamzee’s chest. “Go ahead, drink it. I hope you choke.” The juggalo smirked, giving him the thumbs up. He takes a sip before going back to his chair. Eridan gave him the bird, not caring if he couldn’t see the threat though his back. He went to his own seat and glared at a random wall, blushing angrily again. He paused for a moment, and his blush died. “Hey gam…”

Gamzee’s foot tapped at a random rhythm. “Yeah?”

Eridan reached into his cape and held up another faygo in his palm, holding his middle finger up so that it supported the drink.

Jokingly sneering at him, Gamzee returned the favor with both his middle fingers. “Where’d you get all this faygo bro?” He took the last sip out of his stolen beverage.

“It’s none of your business.” Eridan said curling his fingers around the soda, setting it on his lap.

Gamzee raised an eyebrow, “I think it is though.” HE stood up, and started to walk toward him. “Come on bro, can you all up and tell me?”

“Wwhy? Wwill I become a secret keeper of faygo for you or somefin?” Eridan growled. “You can glubbin forget it.”

Gamzee nodded, liking the idea. “That’s exactly what you’re going to be bro.” Unnerved by his upcoming, Eridan leaned away from Gamzee in his chair. The juggalo chuckled at his uncomfortableness and crossed his arms.

“Y-you can glubbin!” He was blushing again.

Gamzee smoothly sat in the chair next to Eridan and poked his side. “Aw come on bro. Why not?”

Eridan slapped his hand away, glaring at him. “Don’t you touch me!” He tucked his faygo away.

Gamzee pulled his hand back, smirking. He reached it back and mess up Eridan’s froofy hair. Eridan flailed is hand at gamzee’s, hysterically, ‘Nyeh’ing. The taller troll took his hand hit hands back, giving Eridan a blank face. Eridan humpfed, and turned away, scowling. “What’s wrong bro?” Gamzee laughed. Eridan humfed again, and pulled out his recently put away faygo, drinking it, mocking Gamzee. “I still wanna know where you got all that mother fucking faygo…”

Eridan whipped his head around. “It is still none of you glubbin business!!!” He swooshes his cape around him. The sound of a ton of bottles clattering together came from it.

Gamzee stared at him blankly. “… But why not?”

“Cause it’s MINE!!”

“But it should be mine!”

Eridan huffed again, and hysterically got up, scurring to hide on another chair.

Gamzee watched him, with a raised eye and leaned back in his chair.” Honk…”

Eridan chucked a full faygo at Gamzee’s head. Oranged flavored. He hid under his cape when it hit its target. “OW!” The faygo hit and rolled into his lap. He looked down at it, wincing in pain and picked it up, a wide grin on his face and he opened it and chugging it. Eirdan chucked a grape flavored one at him, and it was caught easily with Gamee’s free hand, “Thanks Eribro!”

Eridan lowered his cape and glared at another random wall. He glanced over as Gamzee placed the unopened bottle onto the ground and continue to chug down the orange one. He looked down at the ground for a moment before looked back at the juggalo. “So… Uh… What else did I do last night? You’re normally not his cross with me…”

Gamzee blinked and pulled the soda from his lips. “Oh…uh…” He lowered it to his lap. “Well, you were drunk…”

Eridan made a massive ‘derp’ face. “Ob-glub-viously!!!”

Ignoring the comment, Gamzee sighed and continued, “We were both in the mother fucking kitchen. You were all dancing and I was all standing. Karbro was on the couch. Or so I thought. You came up and… kissed me.” He blushed slightly and looked down. “That’s when Karbro walked in and flipped his shit…”

Eridan’s mouth gaped open, his cheeks on fire.

“And I was all mad cause it made Karbro upset… yeah…” He stared at the floor.

Eridan started to make weird sounds, not sure how to process what he did, mouth still gaping open. After many moments of silence, Eridan finially shuts his mouth, his eyes wide. “No wonder you hate me now.”

Gamzee turned the soda in his hands. “Well… I don’t all exactly hate you… I did earlier. I think I’m better now.”

“How can you not HATE ME?!” Eridan shreaked hysterically. “I kissed you when you’re with Kar! GLUB! How can you forgive me so easily?!”

Gamzee stared at the hysteric troll. “I never said I forgave you just yet.” He crossed his arms. “You were just drunk. I think he’ll get his understand on about that.” He glanced at the wall, mumbling barely audible. “You’re not such a motherfucking bad kisser either.” He angrily frowned at his comment.

Eridan’s eyes almost popped out of his head, him cheeks glowing an even brighter purple. “R-really?!?!” Gamzee’s eyes snapped up and he blushed. Eribro wasn’t supposed to hear that. Fuck. He had no response beside the blush on his face.  Eridan stared at the floor, “Ww-wwell… I don’t remember any of it… so…” His eye flicked with mischief, his blush dying, and he looked at Gamzee with a cocky smirk. “I bet you sucked!!!”

Gamzee looked up and locked eyes, his own smirk playing on his lips. “Well, if you don’t remember it, you would’ve mother fucking loved it.” Though internally he was screaming ‘fuck’ at himself.

“I bet glubbin NOT!” He glared at the other over his glasses.

“Oh really now?” His eyebrows rose. His brain was screaming. ‘Why the fuck are we discussing kissing, I don’t know but I kind of like it. Fuck, no I don’t. BLUH I don’t know anymore.’

“Yes!” Eridan held one hand to his chest and there in the air. “Sure you kiss Kar all the time, but I bet you training with him is nothing compared to what I can do!” He smirked and glared at him. “So YES.”

Gamzee eyes narrowed. “Hmph. I don’t mother fucking suck at kissing.” He smirked again, “I’m the best there is.”

“HAH! I’d believe it when I see it! Untill then…” Eridan gave him the finger. “You kiss like a grub!! <3< “

Gamzee’s mind took over again. ‘Hmm… Should I..? It doesn’t seem like all a bad idea but…’ He glanced at Karkat’s door, then back again, slighting shaking his head to himself. ‘Nah… I can’t do that…’ Eridan laughed loud and heavily, knowing he had won.

Gamzee stood up and stretched.

Eridan looked upon Gamzee, and turned a lighter shade of lavender, thinking of what Gam would really be like. He knew Gam wouldn’t really kiss him, but it was fun messing with him. He looked up and Gamzee was suddenly over him, leaning very close to his face. “From what I’ve heard, I’m not a bad kisser, bro.” the juggalo smirked.

Eridan leaned back in his chair, away from Gamzee, scowling and blushing again. “Who’d you hear it from? Goatdad?”

“You, actually,” Gamzee laughed.

Eridan scowled angrily, upset at himself for telling Gamzee such a thing. Even though he was drunk. “Too bad I was drunk!” He pursed his lips and lifted a shoulder, a totally bitchy gesture.

Gamzee shrugged. “Guess I gotta get a second opinion then.” He put his hand behind Eridan’s head and pulls him forward, kissing him and blushing a bit.

His eyes widening in shock, Eridan was extremely surprised that Gamzee took the bait. Yet he sneered into the kiss, blushing a little, he took Gamzee by the head as well, and deepened the kiss, growling angrily. Gamzee took a step forward, putting his other hand on the top of the chair for support. He pulled back a slightly, biting Eridan’s bottom lip with a smirk.

Erdian let out a growl. He leaned forward, shifting his head, and kissed Gamzee roughly, draggin his tongue across Gamzee’s lips. His hands clawed though Gamzee’s hair, bringing the taller troll lower. Gamzee sneered at him and parted his mouth. He moved his hand up to grad Eridan’s horn, also pulling him closer. He helped deepen the kiss b getting as close as he could without sitting on Eridan’s lap.

Eridan rocked to the edge of the seat and tucked an arm under Gamzee’s to hold him closer. He growled mockingly, and shoved his tongue in Gamzee’s mouth. He began to claw at Gamzee’s back.

Gamzee growled around the tongue in his mouth but toyed around with it experimentally with his own. He let go of Eridan’s horn and grabbed his cape, pulling him back and out of the kiss. Gamzee licked his lips and stared down at Eridan, smirking.

Eridan blushed angrily, and stood up abruptly and grabbed the taller troll by the shirt. He pulled Gamzee into a rough kiss, biting his lower lip. Gamzee growled, and slid his hands up Eridan’s shirt and clawed at his back. He shoved his tongue into Eridans mouth, sliding it along the sharp teeth.

Eridan whimpered for a second, but upon realizing that he did, he almost roared into Gamzee’s mouth, dripping him and racking his tongue all over the inside, making their tongues wrestle furiously. Gamzee smirked into the kiss and lightly bit Eridans tongue.

Eridan smirked evilly and sucked on Gamzee’s tongue roughly. Gamzee tried to break away, growling, but Eridan kept at it, his eyes gleaming evilly.  Gamzee’s eyes narrowed as he got an idea. He lifted a leg onto the chair and kneed Eridan’s crotch. He chuckled when Eridan screeched and released his tongue.

Eridan growled, “That wasn’t glubbin fair…”

Gamzee chuckled more and placed his hand on Eridan’s chest, pushing him backward. “I think it was bro. So, you still think I’m a bad kisser?”

Eridan placed his hand on the juggalo’s hand and looked down at it, tracing it. He grabbed it suddenly and pulled Gamzee in again, growling, “Glubbing horrible.”

Gamzee growled at him. “You seem to enjoy it a lot though, bro.” He stayed about an inch away from his face.

Eridan chuckled. “You don’t seem too against it yourself!” He winked. “Since you kissed me~”

Gamzee sneered and blushed slightly. He tightened his grip on Eridan’s hand.

Eridan squeezed back. “Oh Gam… Am I really that bad?” He lightly brushed his cheek against Gamzee’s jaw, staring mockingly into Gamzee’s eyes.

His own eyes narrow and Gamzee stays silent, using his other hand to pull Eridan off his face with his horn. “The worst,” he sneers.

“Howw wwonderfully horrible!” Eridan quickly reaches behind Gamzee’s head and pulls his head back by the horns, exposing his neck. Eridan traces his tounge along Gamzee’s throat before biting the neck roughly.

Gamzee took in a sharp breath and bit his lip to keep him from making any noises. Besides growling of course. “Are you a mother fuckin rainbow drinker now?”

Eridan continues, hoping that Gamzee would moan. That would be so deliciously humiliating. He beguins to suck on the tender skin. “Maybe…” Eridan bites him a little more roughtly. “Maybe not…” He slips a hand up the back of Gamzee’s shirt and drags his nails down Gazmee’s back.

Gamzee made a slight moaning sound before he closed his throat to shut himself up. He narrowed his eyes into Eridans’s. The sea dweller purred deeply and went a little wild to the taller trolls neck;  biteing, sucking, licking. He tasted so good… And sounded too nice when he moaned…

Gamzee blushed, attempted to not make any more noises. “Heh, c-calm down bro…”

Draggin his tongue roughly up to Gamzee’s jaw, he nibbled it, and took small nips up to the juggalo’s ear, where he playfully licked Gamzee’s ear lobe. He hummed and let out an amused purr. “Wwhy should I~~??”

Gamzee paused, thinking about it. His eyes dnapped wide with realization. “Shitshitshitshitshit!!” He pushed off of Eridan gently and sat on the floor looking up at him. “Because Karbro…” He frowned heavily.

Eridan’s lips curled into a smile and he sat on the floor next to Gamzee. He dragged a hand across the juggalo’s back purring, “That isn’t a problem…” He stroked a little more. “Because… you two lovve each other~” He leaned toward Gamzee and glared darkly into his eyes. “And I HATE you.” He finished the distance and kissed Gamzee.

The juggalo gave Eridan a confused look for a second, kissing him back slightly. He pulled back rather quickly. “I mother fucking hate you too. But… How would this work?”

Eridan shrugged off the pulling away of the kiss and went to the juggalo’s neck and started kissing it. “Secretly since I knoww howw much Kar hates me with you. That is,” He pulled away. “if you can handle both of us.”

Gamzee sneered at him. “Of course I can motherfucking handle the both of you!” He paused. “I guess this can work.”

Eridan grinned happily. “That’s good to hear. I thought you’d wwus out.”

“Well I didn’t expect you to have this much confidence either bro. All these motherfuckin sardonic remarks.”

“You knoww, I’vve hated you for a wwhile. Evver since I saw you snoggin Kar on the beach.”

Gamzee blushed and chuckled. “Yeah, that was pretty fun by the way. Such a beautiful motherfucking beach it was,” he said with a smirk.

“You’re telling me!” Eridan started to laugh but stopped abruptly, looking down. “I’m not sure if I’m still going to be seeing Fef though…”

Gamzee looked at the sea dweller questioningly. “Why not bro? You two can still be In the red zone together.”

“That’s the thing… I don’t knoww if I should still be in it wwith her…”

“But why not?”

“She still might be scared of me…” Eridan sighed. “I don’t knoww if I havve the patience for her… It’s all so confusing…”

Gamzee nodded understandingly. “I think I can get that.”

Eridan pulled out yet another faygo, and tapped it on Gamzee’s head. “It just doesn’t seem… All that red to be honest… I care about her… but something seems to be missing…” He balanced the faygo on Gamzee’s head.

“Hmm…” Gamzee looked up at the faygo, smiling. “Maybe you both could be pale together?”

Knealing infront of Gamzee, Eridan put his arms across his knees. “Yeah… Maybe… I care for her, but it seems like I protect her more than love her in the flush… Or it’s all one sided.” He frowned and looked at the ground. “She doesn’t seem to care as much… Maybe I just care too much…”

Gamzee shook his head, somehow keeping the faygo balanced. “I’m pretty sure she likes you bro. The way she acts… Maybe not to you, but when you’re not near…” He shrugged, “ Bt do what you want bro. Your choice.”

“You think so?” His purple eyes stared at Gamzee hopefully, sparkling a little, and a small hopeful smirk on his lips.

“I think so.” Gamzee leaned toward Eridan and bit his nose. “Honk!”

Eridan growled and socked Gazmee in the chest heavily, making him fall back a bit.

Gamzee put his hand on his chest, wincing in pain, trying to get the air back in his lungs. He glared heavily at Eridan, only to be rewarded with a cool smirk.

Gamzee returned the glare and started to scoot away. There was a spark of light in his cool eyes, and Eridan began to crawl over to Gamzee, and was even quick and smooth enough to crawl on top of him.

Gamzee glared into the darkly sparking eyes and smirked evilly himself. He yanked Eridan by his scarf, pulling him down into a rough kiss.

Leaning onto one of his forearms, and resting his body on top of Gamzee’s, Eridan tilted his head into the kiss, using his free hand to tilt Gamzee’s head by the horns.  He growled as Gamzee snaked an arm around his back, and the other up to his head, tugging at his hair. Gamzee parted his lips, allowing Eridan entrance, and the sea dweller took it easily, shoving his own tounge in, refusing to let Gamzee into his own so easily.

Gamzee winced a bit at the aggressive shove, and decided to retaliatle by biting Eridan’s tounge and held on to it roughly. He was greeted by a heavy moan, and hands diggin more into his hair. Gamzee chuckled a little, tilting his head to the side before letting go of Eridan’s tounge and kissing him again hungrily.”

Slightly dazed, Eridan kissed him back. He shivered when Gamzee reached up to his horns and scratched at them a bit, and kissed for forcefully. He could tell Gamzee was amused because the juggalo chuckled, when suddenly he was pulled back by said horns, making Eridan take in a gasp of breath. He slowly opened his eyes to be greeted by narrow ones and the sudden coolness of Gamzee’s now playful tounge. “Honk…” Eridan growled.

Gamzee chuckled. “Honk, bro.” Gamzee skillfully rolled out from under Eriand and sat up.

Eridan frowned, sulking a little, but goes to his own seat, glaring at the sitting Gamzee the whole way.

Gamzee whipped his mouth. “So… No one needs to know about this… Right bro?”

 “Right. Our kismesitude wwill be kept in the shadowws. No wworries Gam.” Eridan said curling up into a ball. Staring at the wall he sighed contently. He gained a kismesis. Not too shabby for being freaking drunk not a day before.

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